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Use Instruction

XY series of electromagnetic vibration plate instructions:
As a basic part of the production automation process and pipeline operation, the vibration plate is widely used in machinery, electronics, light industry food, medicine, packaging, lighters, accessories, bicycle accessories, metal industry, plastic connectors, stationery industry, CCD detection system and other With a fixed beat-intensive industries. With the relevant automated machinery and equipment, can be partially or completely replace the workers, to achieve fast, accurate and smooth automatic feeding and assembly, is to achieve the production process automation essential equipment.


Vibration plate diagram:



1. Working principle and structure

The device is through the AC electromagnet pulsating electromagnetic force to drive the elastic structure, the formation of directional vibration, in order to achieve the work of automatic arrangement and directional supply. In the electrical control on the use of variable thyristor regulator or FM regulator, in order to achieve the vibration plate stepless speed regulation.


2. The main technical parameters

1, the rated voltage for the exchange of 380V, 220V, 110V, the frequency of 50HZ or 60HZ, vibration plate according to the need for half-wave excitation or full-wave excitation.
2, vibration plate specifications: top plate diameter, Φ80 to Φ1200 mm.
3, the vibration plate according to the direction of the material is divided into two clockwise and counterclockwise.


3. Installation and maintenance

1, open the package, you should check the machine and accessories are in compliance with the packing list.
2, check the host parts of the fasteners are loose.
3, the installation must make the vibration components in the hole up and down to deal with.
4, vibration plate height and level adjustment is good, the next seat fastened to the bracket or fixed plate.
5, in the vibration plate outlet and the corresponding parts to leave a certain gap, so as not to affect the vibration plate function.
6, the vibration plate is installed in the electrical control box on the electrical control box (Note: electric control box must be waterproof and oil), connected to 220V or 110V power supply, open the switch slowly turn potentiometer, and gradually reach the required number of feeding can be. CAUTION: Before turning on the power, be sure to set the potentiometer to a minimum to avoid damage to the thyristor. Electromagnet and armature gap and elastic components, in the factory has been adjusted before, under normal circumstances do not need to adjust.
7, vibration plate in the normal operation after two years, the chassis should be part of the open, the various parts of the dust, dirt clean, re-assembly and commissioning, so that the required amount of feed required.


4. Common faults and troubleshooting methods

1, turn on the power does not vibrate, check the fuse is broken, the electrical components are loose, plug socket is bad.
2, the speed is not enough
       (1) Check if the screws that secure the elastic element are loose.
       (2) whether the gap is too large, the normal gap on the small vibration plate of the electromagnet, armature should be 0.5-1.2

           (mm) range. Iron core and the armature face should not be more than 0.02 (mm).
       (3) Whether the shrapnel is broken.
3, the solenoid coil temperature rise or burn the coil high
       (1) core and armature gap is too large, prone to burning coil phenomenon.
       (2) for full-wave vibration of the electromagnet, if used for half-wave power supply, there will be high temperature rise


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